Sunday School classes

When the worship service is over at approximately 10:45 a.m., the children will gather in the basement for a time of singing and then are dismissed to their age-appropriate classes.  We have excellent teachers that teach the Bible from 3-year-olds through high school from September through June.  


Children’s Sermon –

Almost every Sunday, children from 3 years old to 4th grade have an opportunity to be a part of the children’s sermon.  The children are directed to come forward and they hear a brief message that applies to their lives. 


Children and Worship– After the children’s sermon, the 3 year-olds through 2nd grade meet weekly throughout the school year for special age-appropriate Children in Worship time.


Children’s Choir– 2nd-6th grade sing 1x a month October through February.



Camp Middleburg– 3 year-olds through 5th grade attend vacation Bible school during the first week of June.